Wilder Hat


This low-crown hat has a grosgrain ribbon strung through it that can be worn as a strap for windy days or running for the train. tie the ribbon loosely in a knot, in a big bow under your chin, or wear it undone. The ribbon is drawn through two eyelets in the crown, making the strap adjustable or removable.

About the designer

Everything in Bagtazo's collection is limited. some objects are handmade or hand-finished in Bagtazo's studio. Bagtazo is made in part by manufacturers in new york city, California, New England, and the Mid-Atlantic (but every once and a while Bagtazo makes special berets, which of course, are made in France). Bagtazo is a family surname from the Philippines, selected in homage to Coco's grandmother, a woman who walks the line between tradition and modernity, which is the core ethos behind Bagtazo's designs.

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