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Rainbow Dress - Tempeste

Rubber Shift Dual Carry

Johanna DiNardo


Innovation meets luxury

Rubber Shift Dual Carry - Tempeste

Johanna DiNardo

Rubber Shift Dual Carry


Handbag created from a rubber mat features light reflective, color-shifting backing.

Unique geometric shape
Color-shift vinyl backing reflects light differently at various angles
Lined interior with pockets
Constructed with screws: matte-black screw head detail
Gunmetal hardware on straps
Removable straps allow the bag to be carried two ways: shoulder bag // oversized clutch
Dimensions: 16"L x 8.75"H x 3.75"W

Made in New York City 

About the designer

Johanna DiNardo is a luxury womenswear and accessory designer based in New York City. Attention to detail, craft, and the enhancement of the female form, Johanna DiNardo launched upon these principles, offering exclusive pieces.

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